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Friendship isn't a big thing Chocolate Card (80g)

Weight: 80 g
Chocolate size: 9x13cm
Product's size: large
Product's code: L/FIB
Price: £3.99
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   Our 80g Chocolate Greetings Cards are accompanied by presentation envelopes making them an innovative new and different gift. With an expanding collection of over 50 designs for every occasion... an extensive list of Birthday designs is complimented by sentimental and humourous titles. A full range of Xmas, Valentines, Mum's Day, Father's Day and even a collection of New Year's Chocolate Cards.


Large Chocolate Card (80g)

The chocolate is printed with: "..."

All of Chocmotif's Printed Chocolate Products are unique and not widely available, each has a high-resolution image printed directly onto the chocolate using our patented technology... Not only completely edible, but also totally gorgeous!

Made from the finest quality imported Belgian Chocolate. Hand crafted and hand printed in Scotland using our patented technology.

The perfect gift for all occasions, a great accompaniment to a gift, flowers, a book... or a little gift for a loved one... Because you don't have to have a reason to give them chocolate! Browse our shop to find the design for you!

All our products are nut free, gluten free and suitable for Vegetarian.


Additionally, your Chocolate Sentiment can also be customised by choosing a packaging style/color from the list above for only extra few pence! Click here to see all packaging options. If you do not want to pay additional fee, just choose 'Random packaging (free)', and we'll pack it in... random packaging.

Chocolates can be shipped using variety of methods (Royal Mail, courier) either to you or directly to your recipient. Your receipt of order will be available on-line, not included in the box (unless otherwise stated) - so you can address your shipment directly to the person you wish to present with chocolate. He/she won't know the details of the order (chocolate giftpacked, paper receipt not included).

Are you a Retailer or an E-Tailer?  The Chocmotif folio of superb Printed Chocolate Products is also available to retailers, all products have accompanying Point of Sale displays. These unique products are not only 'at home' in both food and non food retail settings, but also offer fabulous returns. click [here] to see available options.

Finest Belgian Couverture Milk Chocolate. Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: lecithin (soya), vanilla, colour: titanium dioxide. Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids 30% min., milk solids 26% min.